Saskatchewan Choral Federation

Music Mosaic

Celebrate our rich cultural diversity during Canada's Culture Days!

 Sing Like a Natural!

Part of the Canada-wide Culture Days festivities, Music Mosaic: Sing Like a Natural! is a unique hands-on musical experience highlighting and celebrating Saskatchewan's rich cultural diversity. 

MC'd by a local celebrity, attendees will warm-up and learn their song parts with choirs from all corners of the globe.  Choirs representing some of the greatest singing styles in the world will present their favourite selections and lead the audience throughout the afternoon as we all learn new music and form Regina's newest (and shortest-lived!) choir for a group sing-a-long at the end of the program. 

Representatives will be available throughout the afternoon to answer questions about singing and share information about their choirs.  If you've ever wondered what it would be like to sing in a choir this is your chance to find out.  If you need a healthier lifestyle, you've been wondering how to meet some nice new people or what to keep busy with during the long winter, come and experience singing!

All ages are welcome.  There will be Carnival hosted by singers from the Saskatchewan Youth Choir for the children.  Popcorn and drinks available.