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Outstanding Administrator Award

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This Award will be presented to a school administrator who has made a significant difference in music education in Saskatchewan by developing and supporting choral music within their school by:

  • Ensuring staff, school board members, dvision administration and others are aware of the school music program's strengths.
  • Attending concerts and encouraging and facilitating the attendance of other stakeholders.
  • Utilizing every opportunity to have music in the school by encouraging guest performances, music during breaks, and recognition of musical achievements.
  • Helping school staff value and accommodate the music programs' special requirements.
  • Funding equipment, tours, students in need, music, workshops and other items necessary for a strong school music program (as funds permit).
  • Accommodating and supporting student participation in external events including tours, workshops and festivals.

Nomination Procedure


  • Must currently be working as a school administrator in Saskatchewan

Submission Guidelines

Nominations will be accepted from SCF Members in good standing and must include the following:

  • A completed nomination form.
  • A brief biography of the nominee (no more than 1 page).  The biography should include education, musical background (including singing or choral conducting), affiliation with agencies or groups, noteworthy achievements, hobbies and interests.
  • A description (no more than 3 pages) of the the reasons why you feel this person deserves to be recognized.
  • One letter of support (from a person other than the nominator) confirming the significance of the nominee's contribution to choral music in their community.

Nomination Deadline

The nomination deadline is August 15th.

Selection Process

The Nominations Committee of the SCF Board of Directors will select the award recipient from the list of candidates presented each year.


The SCF will notify successful award recipient(s) and all nominators of the status of their nominee.

Awards Presentation

Awards are presented annually as part of the Annual General Meeting

Additional Information

The Saskatchewan Choral Federation will present a maximum of one award each year.