Saskatchewan Choral Federation

Mentorship Program

Choral Director Mentor Program

Mentorships provide a unique opportunity for training emerging choral directors.  A mentorship project provides a disciplined and intensive period of development for an emerging choral director which, in other circumstances, might take years.  The mentor will communicate and educate in an informal, relationship-based adult learning experience utilizing the most useful method of communication for both the emerging choral director and the mentor.

The purposes of this program are to develop professional skills and opportunities for emerging choral directors through mentoring by qualified experienced choral directors and to provide accomplished choral directors with a professional medium to share and reward their expertise.

Eligibility and Application:

Eligible applicants will:

  • Be 19 years of age or older and a resident of Saskatchewan
  • Be currently directing a choir in their community, church or school

Applicants will apply to the program by providing:

  • An application letter stating why they wish to participate in an emerging choral director mentorship project and what they intend to work on and achieve during the mentorship period.
  • A musical and choral directing résumé

Mentors will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • Appropriate academic background in choral directing
  • Experience as a choral director
  • Experience as a instructor of choral directing
  • Willingness to commit the time required by the mentoring process

Mentors will apply to the program by providing an application letter stating why they would be interested in becoming a mentor.  Mentors must not be currently working with, nor in a pedagogical relationship with, an applicant.

Project Duration:

Each mentoring project will provide a minimum of thirty (30) hours of direct contact between the mentor and the emerging choral director over an eight (8) month period.


There will be no charge to the emerging choral director.  The mentor will receive a $600 honorarium from the Saskatchewan Choral Federation for each mentoring project completed.

Mentoring Process:

Once a mentor and emerging choral director are selected, they will jointly develop a written plan of work detailing how and when they will be in contact and how they see their work relationship evolving.  This plan will be submitted to the SCF Education Committee for review and, following acceptance, the mentoring project may begin.


All submissions should be sent to the Saskatchewan Choral Federation, 1415-B Albert Street, Regina, Saskatchewan, S4R 2R8 or e-mailed to  Applications will be reviewed at Board meetings occuring in September, January, March and June.