Saskatchewan Choral Federation

Grant Programs

Saskatchewan Choral Federation provides funding to Saskatchewan organizations and community, church and school choirs who wish to undertake projects that support SCF's mission and objectives in the areas of choral trust, choral education and professional development, audience development, choral community development and advocacy.  Applications are due September 1 and January 1 each year.

Choral Festival Funding

Festival funding is available to support the gathering of choirs in an adjudicated process that further develops their understanding, skill and appreciation of the art of choral singing.

Special Project Funding

Special Project Funding is available to encourage projects that further the development of choral music in Saskatchewan or that promote and encourage participation in a choir.

New Choir Development Funding

New Choir Development Funding is available to assist new choirs in the first three years of existence to develop the skills, talent and connections required for long-term sustainability.

In order to qualify for funding, you must recognize the support of the Saskatchewan Choral Federation and Saskatchewan Lotteries and provide copies of any print materials with your final report.  Failure to do so will result in reduced funding.

For your convenience, here are the organization logos: 

SCF (colour)





The Saskatchewan Lotteries logo is available through both the SaskCulture  link above

Other Funding Sources