Saskatchewan Choral Federation

Vision, Mission, Values

Fostering & celebrating Saskatchewan's vibrant choral community. 

To promote participation and excellence in choral music in Saskatchewan.

  • Inclusivity through adaptability and accessibility
  • Responsible, proactive leadership
  • Accountability
  • Legacy creation
  • Historic preservation
  • Environmental awareness 
  • Singing is vital for our individual and collective well-being and must be available to all.
  • Choral music is an integral component and expression of our culture that must be created, shared and passed on to the next generation.  
  • Cultural activity brings many direct and indirect economic benefits to Saskatchewan.
  • All cultural art forms require a supportive infrastructure that systematically promotes continued development through stable, long-term funding.


Choral Trust
Maximize the number of people of all ages who sing and the number of choirs in Saskatchewan.

Choral Education and Professional Development
Foster ever-higher standards of artistry among singers and directors of every kind of choir in Saskatchewan.
Audience Development
Foster the development of a larger and better-informed public of the art of choral music.

Choral Community Development
Facilitate communication between the members of the choral community in Saskatchewan.

Cooperate with other provincial and national bodies recognized as having similar aims and objectives.

Solicit funds to carry on the work of the Saskatchewan Choral Federation.
Make grants available to choirs and individuals for the promotion of the above objectives.