Saskatchewan Choral Federation

Prince Albert Boy's Choir

Dated October 19, 1984, author unknown

It was in the mid-1950's that the Choir had its beginnings in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.  Then known as the Catholic Boys Choir, it remained under parochial sponsorship until 1964 when the City Director of Parks and Recreation of that day, Mr. Butch Green, arranged for a transfer of the program to city sponsorship, thereby opening membership to the broadest possible range of applicants.  From that time to the present, membership in the Choir knows no restrictions, even including the ability to successfully complete an audition.

The Choir gave its first public concert in 1964, consisting then of 40 voices in total.  It now boasts 5 separate performing groups totalling 108 voices, with ages ranging from 6 to 17.

The Boys Choir has, throughout its history, gained wide recognition throughout the prairie provinces.  Apart from numerous performances in its own community that include public concerts, conventions and institutional performances, it has previously toured eight Saskatchewan centres under sponsorship of the provincial Department of Culture and Youth and has performed three concerts on "Stars for Saskatchewan" under the sponsorship of OSAC.  It has competed in many festivals winning top awards in Winnipeg, Calgary and Edmonton.  Their most recent success was at the International Choral Festival in Powell River, British Columbia where they placed first in the Youth Choir competition.  The choir has also performed for two Canadian Prime Ministers.  Many members of the Boys Choir have won National and Provincial recognition as soloists and as members of University and professional choirs.


"This is an exciting choir who sing music of stature" . . . adjudicator Gladys Whitehead of Toronto

"I am filled with admiration for the work being done in this choir" . . . adjudicator Carol Duggan of Winnipeg

"A most accomplished ensemble of young singers who obviously enjoy singing.  A very impressive male sound for such a young group of men" . . . Robert Cooper, producer of CBC Choral Concert

The choir's conductor and founder, Margo Fournier, has devoted a significant portion in her lifetime to the two loves she finds in her choir - music and youth.  She has that unique talent of leadership that blends the proper measures of both discipline and fun.  For her work, she has in the past been named Prince Albert's Citizen of the Year and more recently been presented the Optimist Club Award for Outstanding Contribution to Music and the Award of Merit by both the Saskatchewan and Canadian Parks and Recreation Association.

Currently her work has received national recognition through her nomination to our nation's highest award, the Order of Canada.

The Choir strives today as it always has, to develop a love of music through instruction in the vocal skills and the dynamics of group participation.  But perhaps of equal significance is the tradition that each participant of the program benefits personally; through advancement of his social maturity.

In the Fall of 1984, the choir has already performed at three civic functions, a Provincial Convention and it has been chosen as the demonstration choir for the Provincial Music Educators Conference in November under the direction of Don James of Powell River.  The Choir is also scheduled to have a workshop with Robert Solem, conductor of Greystone Singers on November 17/84.  There is also a possibility the choir may sing at the opening of the Provincial Legislature in November.

Plans for the 1985 season include participation in out-of-town festivals, invitations to attend a choral rally at Outlook Bible School in March, a joint concert in Helpburn with the Mennonite Choir, and hopefully a week of concerts in and around Ottawa next summer.