Saskatchewan Choral Federation


(as amended November 7, 2009)

(Proposed November 6, 2010 amendments are shown in bold blue include the addition of 'Inc.' to Saskatchewan Choral Federation in the title and Sections I and II; inclusion of the correct Division number in Section X.1; the addition of 'debts and' to section X.1; and the addition of X.2 in accordance with Revenue Canada direction.)

I.      Aim

The Saskatchewan Choral Federation Inc. shall promote and assist in the elevation and enhancement of the state of choral music in the Province of Saskatchewan.

II.    Objectives

Increase the number of people of all ages who sing, and the number of choirs in Saskatchewan.

Foster ever-higher standards of artistic attainment among singers and directors of every kind of choir in Saskatchewan.

Foster the development of a larger and better-informed audience of all ages of choral music.

Facilitate communication between members of the choral community in Saskatchewan.

Cooperate with other provincial and national bodies recognized as having similar aims and objectives.

Solicit funds to carry on the work of the Saskatchewan Choral Federation Inc.

Make available grants to choirs and individuals for the promotion of the above objectives.


III.   Membership


IV.  Membership Fees


V.   Board of Directors


VI.  Officers


VII. Meetings

VIII. Custody and Use of the Seal


IX.  Amendment of Constitution


X.   Winding Up