Saskatchewan Choral Federation

Board of Directors

1.   The affairs of the Federation shall be managed by a Board of Directors (hereafter called the Board) of at least ten (10) Directors, each of whom at the time of their election shall be a member of the Federation.

2.   Each Director shall be elected to hold office for a term of two years and may be eligible for reelection, but may not serve more than three consecutive terms, with the exception of the President who may serve as Past President until that position is filled by the next outgoing President.

3.   In any given year, the terms of office of only one-half of the members of the Board shall expire.

4.   Each Director shall be entitled to one vote.

5.   Directors retiring from office shall be deemed to hold office until conclusion of the meeting at which they retire.

6.   The Federation may, by special resolution, remove any Director before the expiration of their term of office and may elect another person in their stead; the person so elected shall retire from office at the same time as the Director who was replaced.

7.   Notice of a Director’s Meeting shall be given at least one week prior to the date of the meeting, provided, however, that Directors may meet on a regular dates without notice or may, by unanimous consent, meet at any time or place without notice.

8.   Two-fifths of the Directors present shall constitute a quorum for the purpose of a meeting of the Directors provided two of the Directors present are officers of the Board.

9.   Conference calls involving two-fifths of the Directors shall constitute a bona fide meeting of Directors provided that two of the Directors participating in the conference call are officers of the Board.

10. The Board shall meet not less than four (4) times each year.

11. Any member of the Board absent from three consecutive meetings of the Board shall vacate his or her office unless valid reason for non-attendance is presented to, and satisfies the Board.

12. The powers of the board shall consist of:

a)   The power to manage all the affairs of the Federation, between annual meetings, in accordance with the bylaws and to do all such things as are not specifically reserved to the Federation in general meeting by the bylaws.

b)   The power to engage, discharge and determine the duties of employees on such terms as it may direct, to meet the general wishes of the Federation Membership.

c)    The power to appoint standing or ad hoc committees as it deems necessary.

d)   The power to borrow, raise or secure payment of money in such manner as it sees fit, except in the form of debentures which may be issued only by express resolution of the Federation in general meeting.

e)   The power to conduct or to authorize the conduct of fund-raising, activities by public or private subscription or by approach to private or public bodies.

f)     The power to adopt statements, which shall express the views and opinions of the Federation on matters of public interest.