Saskatchewan Choral Federation

SK Music Alliance

2011-12 Update - Progress continues on development of the Saskatchewan Music Alliance .  A partnership between five Saskatchewan music organizations (Band, Choral, Music Educators, Music Festivals and Orchestra), the Alliance will provide a collaborative venue to preserve, promote, and develop musical activity in the province

During 2011-12, the Transition Team comprised of the president/vice-president and executive director of each music PCO worked with Pat Rediger of Benchmark Public Relations and Erin Campbell-Howell of ECHI Consulting, to develop the vision, mission and values for the new organization.  The boards of directors of the PCOs met in January and again in May to provide feedback and sign-off on development of these core components.  The executive directors have now been asked to develop a plan/timeline to incorporate the Alliance and create a strategy for musical advocacy in Saskatchewan.  This work is to be completed by the end of June 2013.

Additional details will be available at the Saskatchewan Music Conference at the Saskatoon Inn from November 1-3, 2012.  

2010-11 - The Saskatchewan Music Alliance (SMA) is a partnership between the Saskatchewan Band Association, Saskatchewan Choral Federation, Saskatchewan Music Educators Association, Saskatchewan Music Festival Association, and the Saskatchewan Orchestral Association. The overall objective of the Alliance is to work in collaboration to preserve, promote, and develop musical activity in the province.

Building on a long history of cooperation and collaboration, the partnership became more formalized in 2008 when SaskCulture placed the five music organizations under a funding eligibility review. SaskCulture provides funding to Alliance members via the Saskatchewan Lotteries Trust Fund for Sport, Culture and Recreation. As part of its responsibilities in administering the cultural component of funding, SaskCulture initiated a Lottery Funding Review in 2004 to ensure that the current volunteer network in the province was cost-effective and efficient. In 2007, as part of this process, the five music organizations were identified as having potential overlap and duplication as well as the capacity to work more closely together.

This decision led to the creation of the Saskatchewan Music Alliance as a way to investigate these possibilities and create new synergies. One of the most recognizable accomplishments of this new group has been the expansion of the Saskatchewan Music Conference to provide professional development and networking for members of all five music organizations in the Alliance.

To further investigate ways to increase collaboration, SaskCulture and the Alliance contracted a consultant to conduct an organizational review and provide recommendations for best practices. Unfortunately, this report was short on details and did not meet the expectation of providing a comprehensive review of the pros and cons of federation models. Additional work must be undertaken to ensure creation of the best possible model for Saskatchewan music organizations.

SaskCulture has indicated that it favours the creation of a single eligible organization to receive lottery funding on behalf of the members of the Music Alliance. The boards of all five organizations have reviewed this situation and decided to continue researching the development of a federation to serve as this single eligible organization. A proposal has been developed for SaskCulture to consider that would lead to the creation of an overarching federation within a three-year time period.

This process has the potential to create exciting new opportunities and enhance program delivery for music in Saskatchewan. It is expected that at the end of this process, the five Alliance members will continue to operate as separate non-profit entities, but  will enjoy greater collaboration and efficiencies by working together through the auspices of the larger umbrella organization.