Saskatchewan Choral Federation




  E-0 Vision
  E-1 Choral Community
      There is a strong, thriving, cohesive choral community
  E-2 Participation
      Opportunities for enseble singing and music-making are accessible for all
  E-3 Diversity
      People's lives are strengthened and enriched through participation in diverse musical activities
  E-4 Artistic Growth & Development
      Opportunities for artistic growth and development are available
  E-5 Audience Awareness
      The people of Saskatchewan value and support musicians


Governance Processes

  G-1 Governance Commitment & Style
  G-2 Board Values
  G-3 Board Job Contributions
  G-4 Officers
      G-4.1  President Role
      G-4.2  President-Elect Role
      G-4.3  Past-President Role
      G-4.4 Secretary Role
      G-4.5  Treasurer Role
  G-5 Board Committee Principles
  G-6 Committee Terms of Reference
      G-6.1  Executive Committee
      G-6.2  Audit & Finance Committee
      G-6.3  Governance Committee
      G-6.4  Nominations Committee
      G-6.5  Ad Hoc Committees
  G-7 Board & Committee Expenses
  G-8 Annual Board Planning Cycle and Agenda Control
  G-9 Code of Ethics and Conduct
  G-10 Conflict of Interest
  G-11 Investment in Governance
  G-12 Board Links with Ownership
  G-13 Board Links with Other Organizations
  G-14 Membership
  G-15 Governance Succession
  G-16 Communities of Interest


Executive Limitations

  EL-1 General Executive Constraint
  EL-2 Treatment of Consumers
  EL-3 Treatment of Staff
  EL-4 Budgeting
  EL-5 Management of Grant Funding
  EL-6 Financial Condition
  EL-7 Asset Protection
  EL-8 Compensation & Benefits
  EL-9 Communications & Support to the Board
  EL-10 Emergency Executive Succession
  EL-11 Public Image
  EL-12 Information Management
  EL-13 Partnerships


Board - Executive Director Relationship

  BC-1 Global Board - Executive Director Relationship
  BC-2 Unity of Control
  BC-3 Accountability of the Executive Director
  BC-4 Delegation to the Executive Director
  BC-5 Monitoring Executive Performance
  BC-6 Review of Executive Director Contract